Who is Myers Brothers Entertainment?

Who is Myers Brothers Entertainment?

In the early 1980’s, 6 voices could be heard singing, as David and Phyllis (Dad and Mom) Myers’ van rolled down a Kentucky highway.  The other four voices were  us, Jon, Nathan, Jared and Jake Myers, four biological brothers destined for a quartet.  Dad used to say our family was ‘just one child shy of a basketball team,’ and so music it was and has always been.

Today, all of those voices are still singing, but Jared and Jake Myers are carrying the professional, family torch.  Other family member work in and around the company and are faithful cogs in the wheel.   

In the year 2000, we decided to take on the music industry and make music our livelihood.  After seven years of recording and touring in and around Texas and across the midwest, Jon and I, the older brothers, decided to take administrative roles and send the baby brothers, Jared and Jake, off to ‘make it’ in Nashville where they were almost instantly signed by indie label, First Note Entertainment, Inc.

In 2010, Jared and Jake  released yet another amazing record, Never Quite This Way and continue writing and performing.  However, unlike many artists or bands single-minded about performing, MBE has produced live shows for other artists and even ventured into the film industry.

Nathan D. Myers, Myers Brothers Entertainment, Ltd. CEO ., Produced the film: Who is Clinn Rippy in conjunction with Dallas based Director Shance Ryan Brentham and Traveling Bandito Films – The movie features interviews with more than 40 celebrity musicians and actors from across the nation, but especially from the Nashville market, including:  Janis Ian, Pam Tillis, Jack Ingram, Pat Green, John McBride, Paul Leim and many more.   It will premiere in Nashville in Autumn, 2014.

On other fronts, Myers Brothers Entertainment, Ltd. recently created Myers Brothers Presents and shortly thereafter made a loose partnership with Gray’s on Main in Franklin, Tennessee to bring a high quality live show to Sunday Nights at Gray’s on Main.  This ‘dinner and a show’ series launches February 9th, 2014  featuring The Henningsens, The Myers Brothers (of course), Ernie Halter, Alissa Moreno, Isaac Hayden, Sam Booker, and many more.   Artist booking for this series is handled in-house.  Email:  Jake@myersbrothers.com if interested.

Enjoy the atmosphere, food and drink of Grays on Main in Franklin while listening to some of the best indie and labeled music in Nashville.

Myers Brothers Entertainment, Ltd. is a family company and is dedicated to wholesome creativity, music production, live shows, and film production.

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2 Responses to “Who is Myers Brothers Entertainment?”

  1. David Myers says:

    Website looks GREAT!!!! I am proud of you guys sticktoittiveness!! Keep it up and keep your priorities straight. Remember WHOSE you are. WE love you. Mom and Dad.

  2. Damon Cates says:

    I know these young men. I know this family.Their father married me and my wife and I haven’t forgiven him for it since!!!!

    Seriously can’t believe that you any of you are old enough to be doing this but then again I have two boys that are in your age group too. It just doesn’t seem possible that it has been that long since your family was working with us at Bardwell. I know that music is in your family. I enjoyed when your cousin Paul led singing at church and I enjoy listening to him on Face Book. Maybe you can get in touch with Devin and Brett and they can come down and play a set one night.

    Best of luck to you all!

    Damon Cates

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